This book is for you if you gonna perceive the sense of cosmic love and would like to find the answer to a question whether a man can become immortal or not.
      The book explores the issues of energetical evolution of minerals and plants from another unknown for a man side. Do they have souls or not? The reader finds out some information about energetical development of society and how TV-programs influence on people.  The book is about necessity to speed up human spiritual development and about impact of planets and information on improvement of subtle bodies. Negative influence of foul beings on development of souls and harm of bumptiousness are also there.

     The glossary contains words and phrases used by the authors in “Beyond the Bounds of Unknown” series along with the concepts most frequent found in esoteric literature, but interpreted by the authors from the level of new knowledge.

     The glossary is intended to promote the development of a new direction in thinking of a man and let a human consciousness go out of confined earthly space to the boundless universe. It helps to find out things which unite matter and subtle worlds, leave the boundaries of the material plane and enter the higher energetical worlds.

This book was predicted by Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga 20 years before its publication. She called it “the Fiery Bible” because of a powerful energy potential of its texts which shine on the subtle plane. Some clairvoyants can see it. Information of this book presented in form of laws is unique as contains the scope of knowledge unknown for a man. This is about the higher world and its structure. What are the laws it is based on? Who inhabit it and who is the leader?

This book introduces readers to the work of several enthusiasts who had conversations with the Higher Cosmic Mind.
The reader learns about communication technique with the Higher world, about unusual events taking place during their channelings, funny cases and dangers which could happen with them.
     The book tells about first secrets which were revealed by Heavenly Teachers to the mankind. The book consists of many extraordinary and uncommon revelations of those who leave for the man unseen but omnipresent.  Read more

From a perspective of Space the book “The Man of Aquarius Epoch” tells about a new level of Earth development and its transition to a new orbital, about human love and what it is given by Heavenly Teachers for. The reader learns about improvement of family relations in future six race, about responsibilities between husband and wife, about formation of proper relations in family, how to instil love in a child for the world around. One can find out what the “I” of a man and meaning of development are and how fashion influences it; what adultery and

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This book is about initial concepts of individual human program which forms destiny. It tells about how a definite program influences the life span and how man can change future events.
The reader learns much new about karma of the Earth, tipplers, killers, karma for thoughts, swearing, depravity, about untying of karmic knots and what Heavenly Teachers gave man morality for.
The book tells about properties of human mental energy and mental energy of other creatures, explains how energy charges human body from Space and its partition of energy bodies. It clears up a mystery how much energy the Higher Mind needs to spend on

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The book reveals the secret how spiritual material forms were created by Heavenly Fathers and provides fresh data about creation of the Earth and the world at all. The reader learns how myths about Prometheus, Amazons and Neptune appeared, whether mermaids and centaurs as well as Lunar and Mars inhabitants existed or not and some facts about Gods battle.

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This book is about destiny and its sense, what Doom means, who writes fate for people in heaven and how it is made technically. On pages of the book one can find information about writing of human life program and peculiarities of fate determination by the Heavenly Forces, about factors affecting it, thus making someone happy and others leading into karmic circulation of disasters.  You can understand how programs are recorded on subtle bodies, coordinate human time and create holographic events of life.
Besides, the book narrates about energetical characteristics of architecture of buildings, the link

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