Unordinary Life of Heavenly Teachers (Code: 0103)


 This book is a result of years-long channelings of the authors with the Higher Creator. For the first time the mystery of Heavenly Teachers’ life is solved in it. You can find out that they manage people, how they do it, how they take part in human birth and death and that they are divided into positive and negative ones.
     A mystery of soul inspiration is also there as well as new concepts about structure of the Universe and space construction principles. Heavenly Teachers explain what material stars are, what galaxies are intended for and reveal the secrets about the Moon and comets. For the first time they tell about mysteries of computer creation, how it was made on heavens and then passed down to people.
   One can find absolutely new facts about religion and its energetical processes, energetical core of religious ceremonies and some other interesting things.
     This book is for those who would like to proceed the way of self-improvement to the evolutionary matureness of the soul.

Price: 4.50 EUR
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